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NBA 2K18 -  Don't miss these Opening Night MyTeam Players


Opening Night is an NBA 2K18 MyTeam collection that features players who had amazing performance during the opening night. This collection offers users the chance to get some great players for their teams and also to obtain rookie version cards of well-known players. 

Vince Carter from the Toronto Raptors is an emerald player card who makes a good choice for Super Max. He managed to score 16 points. The collection has two players from the Boston Celtics. Larry Bird is a ruby player. On the opening night of his debut, he managed to score 14 points, five assists, and 19 rebounds. This card can be used in various setups. It all depends on how players decide to integrate it into their teams. Paul Pierce, the second Boston Celtics player from this collection, got 19 points, nine rebounds, and four blocks. Pierce retired in 2017. From Philadelphia 76ers we have Vernon Maxwell. He is represented in-game by a sapphire card. In the game from the opening night, this player scored 18 points and 14 assists. His best stats are passing and 3 pointer. Another sapphire card is Hakeem Olajuwon from the Houston Rockets. In the match of his debut, he got 24 points and nine rebounds. Players will find a use for this card in all of their teams. Kevin Durant from the Seattle SuperSonics is an emerald player card. He managed to score 18 points, five rebounds, and three steals. Two players from the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan and Thabo Sefolosha, are included in this card collection. When Michael Jordan debuted on opening night he scored 16 points. He also got seven assists and six rebounds in the same game. Athleticism is one of his best stats. Sefolosha's best attributes are shooting and defense. Larry Hughes from Cleveland Cavaliers is a gold card whose best stat is athleticism. His performance in the opening night includes seven scored points and seven steals. Dennis Scott from Orlando Magic has 3 point as one of his best stats. Grant Hill from the Detroit Pistons managed 25 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists. His stats are 95 speed and driving dunk, 90 speed with ball, and 85 contact dunk. His in-game card is ruby. 

So are you a fun of NBA video game? If you are this is the game you should not miss. You can buy Game Keys online or from local stores to get this game and have fun with your friends.